How To Deal With Negative Comments On Social Media

As long as you’re using your voice, creating content and expressing your opinions, you will find people who disagree with you. And if you are doing all of that online, you’re probably going to receive hateful comments. How can you deal with those? How can you stop those comments from getting to you and hurting you? Let’s talk about that today.

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Thais is passionate about technology because of all of the opportunities it brings us! She is an iOS developer who has initially started with design and eventually transferred into programming. On her social media she shares her journey, insights and tips that will be invaluable for anyone looking to grow their career in tech!

Women in Tech Weekly

August 04: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 70

This week’s celebrations:
– Anastasia got one more step
closer to taking control of her
anxiety and having a consistently
confident state of mind!
– Magda completed Intel Edge AI
Nanodegree by Udacity!
– Sasha celebrated her birthday!
– Steph has launched her business
– Vivian turned 27!
– Priscilla got on Forbes’ Top 10
Women Behind Tech Brands List!
– Masha celebrated 3 years of
being a business owner!

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