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I love collaborating with brands that share a similar mission and values as me!

Having a background in Marketing, I speak that language and understand the importance of the right messaging and calls to action. I also know my audience and what kinds of products/opportunities they’d enjoy or benefit from – and I’m very selective about the brands I end up working with.

Contact me using the form below if you’d like to discuss a collaboration and I can send you my media kit with further information!

Some of the brands I’ve worked with:

Robyn, IMA

“Masha has been a delightful influencer to work with, in every aspect. From excellent organisational skills to her genuinely lovely character and interpersonal skills; any client would be happy to work with her. She really understood the campaign without needing much elaboration. Additionally, her campaign results were brilliant and her posts performed above the expectations.”

Martina, Philips

“Working with Masha was a great experience: she’s a lovely personal and an enthusiastic, dedicated professional. She immediately bonded with the girls she met in Philips at Cambridge offices and this positive vibe was key to create great content. Also the people she interviewed remotely had a very positive experience. She knows her stuff and she knows her audience very well, so she was able to craft engaging content that got exactly the type of comments and reactions we were hoping for.”

Martina, Philips

“She’s also such a role model, advocating for diversity in tech and being an entrepreneur herself, so the girls she met were so excited about her and will keep a great memory of those two days together. So the value of this partnership with her was so great at so many different levels, not just the campaign to the external audience but also the excitement and the buzz we created internally.”

Ilana, Hackbright Academy

“Masha the Coding Blonde was a pleasure to work with. After our initial call, she put together a content proposal that was perfectly catered to Hackbright Academy’s unique needs. Masha delivered with wonderful evergreen content that will be sure to send quality traffic to Hackbright for many months to come. We look forward to working with her again soon!”

Kayci, IZEA

“Masha should pride herself on her communication, quality of content, and attention to detail. It has been a joy collaborating with her, and I hope to again in the future.”

Ashley, Tastemade

“Masha was a pleasure to partner and collaborate with.  Her responses were swift and comprehensive and her content was beautiful and hit all of the guidelines we provided.  I would definitely recommend working with Masha.”

Rhea, UXB

“I worked with Masha on UXB, a groundbreaking UX and digital innovation conference in the Middle East. We were looking for someone with the entrepreneurial spirit, great social skills and deep knowledge of technology and UX. Since we graduated from the same university, I knew Masha would be the perfect fit.
She was the face of UXB and demonstrated critical skills, knowledge and abilities that made her very valuable to our company.”

Rhea, UXB

“She is easy to work with, motivated, generous with her time and expertise, and a great addition to our team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, she has a lot to bring to the table, including her humour and good nature that make tough and stressful situations much easier on the team.

As a team player who has demonstrated many times her willingness to go above and beyond, I consider Masha to have been a true asset to UXB. “


Events are in my blood: I’ve organised and spoken at over 50 events during my time at Google and continue hosting workshops on various topics and speaking at conferences.

If you’d like to see me speak at your event, contact me and we can discuss the details!

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