Women in Tech Weekly Issue Number 6

It’s that day of the week again, so here’s the latest issue of Women in Tech Weekly! So many exciting news and resources – enjoy, friends!

As usual, let’s start with:

Celebrations ??

Emily made the most epic pregnancy announcement and launched a separate Instagram account for all of the baby pictures! ?

Congratulations, Emily!! We are all so excited about your news! Wishing your growing family tons of happiness and health ?

Watch Emily’s awesome announcement video here (it involves engineering and things going into the edge of space)

Naila has launched the Instagram account of her new dress line S.O.D.E. – that she has co-founded! ?

In her own words:

“S.O.D.E. is a brand that literally stands for 4 chemicals that activate our happiness (Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphins). I wanted to create a space for women to challenge their idea of happiness when it comes to fashion and consumption. Our motto is Happy on the inside – Happy on the outside!”

Naila is my friend from Google, who is an absolute sunshine of a person! I’m so proud of you, my love, for making your dream a reality! I can’t wait for the official launch soon!! ?

Elena got a new job – as a Data Scientist at honeypot.io!

She is starting the job in September, so during the summer, she will be taking care of herself, some projects and travelling! Sounds like you have an awesome summer ahead of you

Congratulations, Elena!! You go girl ?I’m excited to follow your adventures during the summer and once you start this job!


Julia turned 25 and celebrated her birthday in Paris! ?

Happy Birthday, dear!! Cheers to travels, awesome projects and amazing friends! I’m sure you’ve had the most amazing celebration in Paris ?

Karina won the Apple WWDC Scholarship – for the third year in a row! ✨

In her own words:

“I’m a 21 years old Brazilian Computer Engineering student, passionate about code and design! Apple every year launches a worldwide competition for students so they can attend WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in California. This year my app was about Nancy Grace Roman, the first woman to hold an executive position at Nasa and responsible for launching Hubble into space! I wanted to develop a project that would inspire girls to pursue STEM, and also inspire them to participate in this type of competitions! It’s my third year winning this scholarship, and I’d love to see more girls there! <3 The conference will be in the first week of June! It’s so close and I’m so excited!”

Congratulations, Karina!! You are such a badass for participating and winning and I love your choice of project! Super well done, girl ❤️

Luba is launching a webinar on how to get internships at top tech companies! ?‍?

In her own words:

“I just announced my webinar that will teach how to get internships at tech companies: how to do the reach outs, how to craft your resume, how to prepare for interviews, and how to get offers! I’ve been working on it for over a month and am super excited to finally launch it! It will happen on June 21st live but everyone can also get a recording of it if they can’t attend the live.”

This is so exciting, Luba, congratulations!! I know that this will be incredibly valuable for anyone who might be looking for an internship in the future – make sure you enrol in this awesome webinar

Lillian was named a Microsoft Regional Director today!

This is awesome, Lillian, congratulations!! Hard work and nurturing relationships with clients does pay off ? I’m excited to follow you through this new adventure!

Resources ?‍?

Andrej Karpathy Blog in Machine Learning Topics – shared by Natasha (blonde_ai)

Natasha says:

“Andrej has extensions is experience in the field of AI. He’s written blogs that can be useful to people at any levels in this field.”

10 Things You Need to Know about React – shared by Brandy Morgan

Brandy says:

“There are two main things to understand about React and those are components and state. This quick video covers 10 things about those two things in detail. It also provides other resources for people wanting to get into programming.”

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Pandora – shared by Itzel

Itzel says:

“In this video, I show what I do in a day as a Software Engineer at Pandora. ???‍??

If you’ve ever wondered what Software Engineers do in a day, then this video is for you!”

There’s no Competition, No One else can be YOU – Inspirational Women interview with Lillian

Lillian is such a boss and inspiration! Listen to her story, decision making process and advice for all of the women who are ready to take control of their lives.

Writing this up makes me so happy to be part of such an awesome community with all of these incredible women! I hope you share my feelings and get inspiration from these weekly issues ✨

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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