September 17: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 24

Hello and welcome to a very special issue of Women in Tech Weekly! It marks exactly 6 months since I’ve started this initiative and since then we’ve had 97 celebrations and shared 83 resources! Cheers to many more to come ??

I truly believe in the power of community and that we are stronger when we work together – and I have big plans for this newsletter! Today I’m launching Women in Tech Weekly Features and soon you will be able to discover lots of incredible women who you can follow, learn from and get inspired by! So expect some design changes on my website to accommodate that 😉

But without further ado, here’s the first Women in Tech Weekly Feature:

Featured Woman:

Alison and Sex Tech Space

Alison is a huge inspiration for me! She is incredibly authentic and unapologetically herself, creating her own reality. Her story is awesome, she got into tech in a non-traditional way and has since created the perfect niche for herself. Alison has introduced so many of us to the area of sex tech and is creating a space to discuss important issues that the industry is facing.

Learn about Alison’s story here!

Please let me know what you think of this idea and who else I should feature! Again, watch put for design changes in the coming weeks because I want to help women connect with other amazing women in tech out there!

And now, back to the familiar programming:

Celebrations ??

Eden organized a hackathon for 115 participants!

In her own words:

“I thought it would be fun to organize a hackathon. It definitely was fun, but it was also a LOT of work. More than 200 people applied! It was amazing seeing the 115 participants come with so much passion and energy.“

Kellyn has finished her #100daysofcodechallenge!

You go, girl, this is super exciting, Kellyn! Developing any skill requires consistency and grit – thank you for sharing your journey and inspiring us to do the same ❤️

Jenny celebrated her birthday surrounded by people from this awesome community!

Once again, happy birthday, girl! Thank you for being the sunshine and reminding us all how important it is to meet in real like and build in-person connections. You and your story inspire me so much ✨

Masha is celebrating 6 months of the Women in Tech Weekly newsletter!

Can you believe that it’s been 6 months already? I can’t, to be honest! I was planning to start this newsletter for a long time and kept of mulling it over in my head, preparing myself to launch it – until one day I decided to just go for it. 

It was Monday evening and I wanted this newsletter to go live on Tuesdays – so I quickly messaged a ton of women in this community to collect their news/favourite resources and scrolled the feed to see if anyone is publically celebrating anything. 

Even though it was super rushed, it was the best decision I could make because this newsletter gives me life and never fails to inspire me! And I’ve heard positive feedback from the community, so that means it’s all been worth it ✨

I’m very excited to grow it and develop it further!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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