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Thais Sadami

Thais is passionate about technology because of all of the opportunities it brings us! She is an iOS developer who has initially started with design and eventually transferred into programming. On her social media she shares her journey, insights and tips that will be invaluable for anyone looking to grow their career in tech!

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March 2: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 100

This week’s issue celebrates:
– Kaylee and Ashley have reached 100 YouTube Subscribers with their channel, SisterCodes!
– Natalie got accepted to FIU to get her Bachelor’s in Computer Science!
– Tiffany reached 100k Instagram Followers and 50k YouTube Subscribers!
– Jennifer has embarked on a new chapter in her career – and started a new job at Dropbox!
– Nicole has officially started her full stack bootcamp!
– Maya has reached 10k Followers on Instagram!
– Gira celebrated 500 Instagram Followers!
– Masha is celebrating the 100th issue of Women in Tech Weekly!

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