Eden Adler

Eden is seriously focused on giving back and creating an impact, which I find incredibly inspiring! A pre-med, turned software engineer, she has had an unusual path into tech for sure. And she creates a ton of great and humorous content. Make sure you follow this wonderful girl’s adventures!

Samantha and Air.sea.sam

Sam is an awesome human and a beautiful soul! She is currently in the process of getting her PhD in Air Sea Physics and creates amazing and super engaging content on the topic. I love learning more things more Sam, she always makes me discover something new!

Kellyn Duarte

Kellyn is the definition of growth mentality, from developing her career and skills to her fitness – this girl lives a very inspiring lifestyle and creates content about it. So if you enjoy being motivated by stories of badass women, you will enjoy following Kellyn’s journey!

Women in Tech Weekly Issue Number 6

It’s that day of the week again, so here’s the latest issue of Women in Tech Weekly! So many exciting news and resources – enjoy, friends! As usual, let’s start with: Celebrations 🥂🎉 Emily made the most epic pregnancy announcement…

Women in Tech Weekly Issue Number 4

Today’s issue is full of goodness! I was editing this on a plane (and on the floor of an airport – check my stories to see that haha!), and all of the amazing women here made me so inspired that…

Women in Tech Weekly Issue Number 3

Well hello there, awesome human! Thank you for stopping by to read another issue of Women in Tech Weekly and to get your weekly dose of female badassery inspiration! Let’s start with… Celebrations 🥂🎉 Claire is going on Sabbatical to…

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