January 14: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 41

This week’s celebrations:
– Natasha is celebrating her birthday!
– Selen activated her startup Frise Instagram page!
– Anna is starting a new side project!
– Arianne is celebrating the first Monday of working for herself!

January 7: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 40

This week’s celebrations:
– Christina made a career change from Marketing to Development!
– Magda won an Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Foundational course and got selected as one of a few student leaders!
– Anto started making YouTube videos!
– Natasha published her work in Nature journal!
– Jenny registered her company!
– Eden celebrated her 27th birthday!

December 31: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 39

This week’s celebrations:
– Sundas started a new job at Google!
– Kim had her first Yalda Night celebration at home with her husband!!
– Archana has created an Instagram account to share her algorithm and data structure knowledge with others!

December 24: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 38

This week’s celebrations:
– Stefanie celebrated her B-day on 12/14!
– Marie officially graduated as a Software Engineer!
– Sam passed her PhD qualifying exams!

December 17: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 37

This week’s celebrations:
– Meghan started a YouTube channel!
– Mary was featured on People of Alabama with a badass interview!
– Anto has officially graduated from her Associate’s degree!
– Steph taught 300 kids how to code at Hour of Code 2019!
– Masha has launched her course!

December 10: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 36

Dania celebrated her 30th Birthday!
Vicky landed her first Software Development job!
Alison announced her company’s status as a Nonprofit!
Tracey celebrated her Birthday!

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