Mikaela Caron

Mikaela never stops learning, exploring and creating! Every time we speak she is working on a new project, building a new app or challenging herself in a completely new way. This girl is an awesome role model for all of us! Follow her journey to learn from her and get inspired!

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Kaylee and Just a Coder Thing

Kaylee is a Software Engineer, who loves programming for how logical and yet creative it is at the same time! This reminds me of Ada Lovelace (the first programmer in history), who saw poetry in maths ❤️

Kaylee is passionate about diversity in tech and has started her blog as a way to help other women get into the tech industry. She shares a ton of value in every single post, so make sure you follow this amazing girl and role model!

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Maria and Coding With Maria

Maria lives and breathes coding – and for a good reason! It’s an outlet for her creativity and a constant challenge for her. But it hasn’t always been this way – she hasn’t written a single line of code un until university! Learn more about this wonderful human’s journey below and follow her on social media to get inspired and learn something new with every post!

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Vivian and Smiaris Dev

Vivian is a wonderful human with a ton of passion and determination. She is a Software Engineer who manages to combine her work with a PhD and volunteering! Personal development and growth are huge drivers for her and she is always seeking new ways to have an impact in this world. Follow this amazing girl to get a regular dose of inspiration!

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Julia and Coding Unicorn

Julia shares so much value and wonderful career advice on her social media! She is a full- stack developer who is creating her own unique and rebellious path. Follow this energetic and vibrant woman for a daily dose of wisdom and inspiration!

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Jessica and It's Jessica Hua

Jessica is a wonderful human and a fellow non-stop traveller, adventurer and foodie! At her full-time job, she is a full-stack developer in the fintech space – but she also finds time to create and share awesome posts on her blog and social media. Follow her for colourful, inspiring and educational content!

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