Stephanie and Chingonas in Tech

I’m so in love with this girl and her energy! Every time I talk to Stephanie I get a boost of confidence because she is such a badass that it’s contagious. This girl means business: from her career in cybersecurity to empowering minorities in tech to be unapologetically themselves!

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Somebody Tried to Hack Me

Somebody tried to hack me last week and I have to say it wasn’t the most fun 48 hours. I want to tell you the story of this brute attack on my WordPress blog, what I did to protect myself and how you can too!

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Alison and Sex Tech Space

Alison is a huge inspiration for me! She is incredibly authentic and unapologetically herself, creating her own reality. Her story is awesome, she got into tech in a non-traditional way and has since created the perfect niche for herself. Alison has introduced so many of us to the area of sex tech and is creating a space to discuss important issues that the industry is facing.

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