Emma McKellar

Emma is wonderful and has such a bright personality! We’ve never met in person, but I feel like I know her already. She is incredibly passionate about tech and is currently pursuing a degree in Computing and IT – while working full-time doing digital marketing at the most beautiful bakery. Make sure you follow this girl for a regular dose of positive energy and her awesome Scottish humour!

Motivation or the lack of it

I’m pretty sure you’ve felt this before: you were trying to learn a skill, potentially even programming, but for some reason, you made a break and now you simply cannot get back into the habit of doing it regularly again. To be honest, I’m experiencing that feeling right now with learning how to code, I’m […]

Useful Resources: Codecademy

As you may know, I am relatively new to programming and one of the reasons that I’ve started this blog is to help people like me that have decided to do the same but are disoriented and maybe even a little scared. I have already written a post about where to start when you want […]

I want to learn to code online, where do I start?

Alright, so you’ve decided that you want to learn to code, but the question is: where does one start? There are so many different opinions online and when you Google this question, most of them say different things. I’m obviously not the expert when it comes to programming, as I am just learning it myself […]

Useful Resources: Web Developer Bootcamp by Rob Dey

As you may know, learning code is rather intimidating. When you can get something right, you feel like a genius, but then if you have a problem (for example, you’ve missed a comma somewhere) and your simple 3 lines of code don’t work – you want to crawl up in a little dark corner and cry.I […]