artificial intelligence

Andrea and AI Coding

Every time I see Andrea’s posts, I’m amazed by her creativity and passion for what she does. She comes up with the coolest Machine Learning projects – if you don’t believe me, scroll through her Instagram! She is a true innovator and a leader, I’m very excited to be following this amazing girl’s story!

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Samantha and Air.sea.sam

Sam is an awesome human and a beautiful soul! She is currently in the process of getting her PhD in Air Sea Physics and creates amazing and super engaging content on the topic. I love learning more things more Sam, she always makes me discover something new!

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Claire and Artificially Intelligent Claire

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Claire in real life and she has so much passion, drive and curiosity! She has had a fascinating path into tech and it’s incredible to follow her progress as she dives deeper into AI and creates educational materials around it. Claire as also such a bright and fun human being, I’m very glad that this community has allowed me to get to know her!

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