Playing with the new Sphero BOLT

I was geeking out over my new toy all day today – the new Sphero Bolt. It’s my first ever robot and a great introduction to robotics – especially for someone who is curious about the topic (and is planning to start creating content about it soon). 

It’s so tiny and cute! 🙂

It’s so cute, I can’t help but think of it as a little animal rather than a robot. Luckily, the only thing this little cutie “eats” is electricity – and it comes with a little charging station that holds it in place. That’s the first thing you need to do with it once you take it out of the box and in the meantime you can download Sphero’s Educational app.

I was pretty impressed with the app as well – it supports multiple Sphero robots and even has a community section where people post the programs they’ve made! You can create your own programs in 3 ways: by writing code (in JavaScript), using block programming or by drawing. I tried all 3 and I have to say, drawing was probably one of the most fun ones! 

Bolt is very round and to be honest I wasn’t sure how well it would move with no wheels, but it’s very quick. In fact, I had to take it off the table, because it almost fell off within the first second of me running my program. It was much safer on the floor haha!

This is what drawing programming looks like: Bolt will follow the lines (with the speed you’ve set up for each of them) and change the colour according to what colour you used to draw

You can program for it to move around (it can spin, go in different directions and change speeds), make noises (naturally, mine was making chicken noises) and to change colour of its LED screen. Apparently that LED screen can also be used for games, but I didn’t manage to get to that level yet – I’ll keep you posted though!

I’m now officially a robot mama!

So now that I’m officially a robot mama, I can say that those are so much fun. I can see how children would get very excited to play with them and the amazing thing is that they would learn how to program without even realising it. I love Sphero’s approach to education! I hope to see more parents and more educators using this toy to help the next generation of girls and boys learn how to code.

I can definitely say that Sphero’s Bolt a great toy for anyone really, even for adults. And I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! 😉

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