How to Cope with 2020 and Become Stronger

This year has been really challenging for most of us. It seems like one bad thing after another keep happening. Sometimes it can feel difficult, but we need to keep going. What can we do to keep going strong? How can we carry on in the face of so many tough situations? Today I want to share with you ways that we can not only survive hard times, but even thrive!

Women in Tech:

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Kaylee and Just a Coder Thing

Kaylee is a Software Engineer, who loves programming for how logical and yet creative it is at the same time! This reminds me of Ada Lovelace (the first programmer in history), who saw poetry in maths ❤️

Kaylee is passionate about diversity in tech and has started her blog as a way to help other women get into the tech industry. She shares a ton of value in every single post, so make sure you follow this amazing girl and role model!

Women in Tech Weekly

October 13: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 80

This week’s celebrations:
– Suma got a new job as a Software Developer in the middle of the pandemic and on a visa!
– Faviola was chosen as one of the 400 most successful women of 2020 in the Netherlands!
– Sundas celebrated 2 personal milestones!
– Paulina turned 30!
– Mayuko celebrated her birthday!
– Bailey celebrated her 27th!

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