February 18: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 46

Women in Tech Weekly here again to provide you with a daily dose of motivation! Really amazing celebrations coming your way. Also, don’t miss out on inspiring stories of your fellow steminists!

Can’t wait for your story as well! Check out the submission form below! ?

Featured Woman ?‍?

Jessica and It’s Jessica Hua

Jessica is a wonderful human and a fellow non-stop traveller, adventurer and foodie! At her full-time job, she is a full-stack developer in the fintech space – but she also finds time to create and share awesome posts on her blog and social media. Follow her for colourful, inspiring and educational content!

Learn about Jessica’s story here!

Celebrations ??

Eden got nominated for an award!

In her own words:

“I’m a finalist in the Booking.com Tech Playmaker Awards in the Rising Technologist category. I’ll fly to London to meet the other finalists and attend the award ceremony in March.”

Natalie is celebrating that @wocinstem has reached 1000k STEMINIST supporters last week!

In her own words:

“We have been sharing women of color in STEM stories and highlighting allies in STEM to empower and support WOC steminists!”

Faviola is a finalist in Booking.com Entrepreneur of the year award!

Congratulations, Faviola! This is incredible and so well deserved! You’re also in such a great company in that category ? We’re all rooting for you girl!

Kim got a new job (and a $40k salary increase)!

You go girl, this is awesome! Hard work and careful prepping, searching, vetting – as well as knowing what you deserve really pay off! We’re all incredibly proud and happy for you!

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? NEW JOB, WHO DIS? ‍ As of yesterday, I've officially accepted an offer for a *NEW* Salesforce Administrator job. While bittersweet, it was the natural next step in my professional career and I thought I'd share a few thoughts that got me here. ‍ First, I'll get it out of the way: my own job strategies, LinkedIn profile and resume writing really helped. I was underpaid at my last job, so I was very stubborn about finding a role that was my worth, and it made my job hunting process longer (by choice). I personally wanted to stick to a role for ~2 years to reflect the stability that my resume offered. It definitely paid off– I was able to increase my salary by 40k. I was able to prove to myself how right my intuition was that I definitely deserved more. ‍ Secondly, I took very careful looks at job descriptions as well- I really wanted liberties when it came to my own education and leadership as I noticed during my job hunting process that there were gaps in my professional experience that were very basic Salesforce skills [not enough vocational practice] and I didn't want that to happen to me again further down the line. I am so blessed that a role came my way that had exactly what I was looking for. ‍ Third, it's worth knowing that because I have experience, that certainly gives me a bit of a competitor edge, but certainly not enough. I only have one certification (I am working on more as we speak), but I'd like to remind you that IT'S POSSIBLE TO GET THERE. It's not encouraged, but it's certainly possible in my industry. ‍ Many things had to go right for me to find my new role. And frankly, my previous role. I'm ok with bragging in this case- I know how hard job hunting is, and frankly, it's exactly why I started my business. I wanted to help others because I truly believe everyone deserves to find a role that gives them the professional development they deserve and want for their lives. ‍ And with that, I just want to say that it gets better and I know you can do this. . . . . . . . . #newjobwhodis #beingbetter #yougotthismama #jobhunting #salesforceadmin #getpaidyourworth #chargeyourworthandaddtax #chargeyourworth #knowyourworthladies #knowyourworth??

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Mary‘s awesome merch was featured on In The Know!

Yesss, so well deserved! Your merch is incredible and so empowering, I’m glad that people are recognising it ?

Resources ?‍?

Work In Progress Podcast – created by Dana and Angela

An awesome podcast by Dana and Angela – who believe that life is a never-ending journey where one needs to constantly reinvent themselves and the same should go for their careers.

10 Signs that You’re Ready for Your Next Career Move – and How to Search for a New Job  – created and shared created by me 🙂

How do you know when it’s time to look for your next career move? I will give you a comprehensive list of signs to look out for below! But I also want to address the elephant in the room: how daunting this process can seem and present you with a solution.

How You Can Build Habits That Stick – created and shared created by me 🙂

As we all know, we are creatures of habit, those are the things that we default to. Luckily there has been quite a lot of research around this topic, and I’m about to share 10 tricks on how you can optimise your habit formation. It obviously still takes a lot of work and staying consistent, but those tips will help you be smarter about all of it.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to share something for next week’s issue, here’s the submission form!! Bookmark that and add anything you’d like to share in there ?

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