Define What Success Means to You

Whether it’s related to your career or life in general – let me help you find clarity on what success means to YOU. 

This online course will help you get rid of the overwhelm and noise by guiding you through powerful self-exploration exercises. It will allow you to define your priorities and you set goals that will make you truly happy.

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

From The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

Do you sometimes feel:

You’re not alone, so many people feel the same way!

In fact, most of us do – because we don’t take the time to properly explore what success means to us. A lot of us simply assume that we know what it is for us by default. But do we really?

Success is so subjective and different for everyone. However, with so many preconceived notions about it and associations of success with symbols of status and wealth, we often get lost. It can also get skewed by the expectations of others – from our family and friends to colleagues and social circles. 

I think it’s time we stopped living someone else’s idea of what to aim for. It’s time to become crystal clear on what success means and looks like to YOU.


I'm inviting you to:

If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will.

Greg McKeown

You only have one life, live it on your terms!


Why I've created this course:

3 years ago I left the conventional path to success, my a secure job at Google – to move to the US and start a part-time job in a new field. I was moving in with my then long-distance boyfriend and was going to work on my business in the remaining time. I felt scared and very confused. Nobody could understand what I was doing and, to be completely honest with you, neither did I.

But I realised one thing: I was never meant to be successful in the conventional sense. I needed to find my own definition of success to understand where I was going and how to get there. 

So I’ve done a ton of reading, research, courses and general soul-searching on the concept of success and I’ve developed my own methodology to define it. It has helped me gain the vision and the clarity that I needed and to start acting on them. 

Now, I want to share that methodology with you – and this is exactly what this course is.

How it works:

The course is a combination of Video lessons + Workbook exercises. However, it fits all types of all learning styles with all of the different formats:

Video Lessons

For the visual learners

Text Transcripts

For those who prefer to read

Digital Workbook

To do the exercises and keep everything in one place

Downloadable Audio Files

For auditory learners or those who'd like to do the course on the go

Course outline:

Module 1 – The Theory

We will start with the basics, covering the definition of success and my theory behind the foundations of success. You will also learn about the mysterious relationship between success and happiness and how to create balance in your life. 

Module 2 – The Groundwork

This module will get your creative juices flowing with some of my favourite exercises that will also help change your perspective of what success can be to you.

Module 3 – Long-term Success

Probably the most powerful module where you will have the most “a-ha!” moments about your life. These exercises will lay a solid foundation for your direction in life and help you define your purpose and priorities.

Module 4 – Everyday Succes

This module has been rated as the most fun one because we will be talking about your lifestyle and what you’d like it to be. These are the exercises that most people never take time to do, but that are also incredibly important!

Module 5 – Your Definition of Success

Aligning your results from the 3 foundational pillars of success and finalising your success statement.

Module 6 – Implementation

I want you to start achieving your goals and stick to the direction you’ve defined for yourself. So this module is all about that.


Because I couldn’t stop there!

Bonus Module 1 - How to Say No

Helping you focus on what’s important to you and preserve your energy and time - by learning to say no. Without being rude or ruining relationships

Bonus Module 3 - The Art of Self Love

When we don’t love ourselves we often don’t allow ourselves to reach our full potential - or to be successful on our terms. And this is exactly what we will talk about in this module

Bonus Module 2 - Success and Happiness

Going deeper into the relationship between happiness and success - and helping you build successful habits and rituals to be happier and more successful

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the full course and its materials - come back to this process at any time

Course price: $157

Which is less than what your coffee addiction costs per year. But in the grand scheme of things what’s more important?

This one-time payment will give you lifetime access to this life-changing course. Your happiness is worth investing in. Let me help you define what success means to you. 



It’s for anyone who wants to clarify what their image of success is and is ready to start living their life on their terms!

Course materials have been pre-recorded and delivered to you through Thinkific so you can do them at your own pace.

You will get access to this course for as long as it exists! And not only to this version but also to all of its evolutions down the line.

This course won’t directly help you get promoted or advance at your current job. However, it is aimed at helping you find your unique path and what success looks like to you.

No, this course is not about programming 🙂

Want to have a sneak peak of my methodology?

I’ve created a Free Course that shares my theory behind defining success and some exercises from the full course. It would be a great place to start before you upgrade to this version!