Coding Blonde: a very honest interview for Boulder Bits

Happy Friday people!

This was one of the rare mornings when I didn't set up an alarm and let the sun wake me up naturally. I always check my phone in the mornings, to see if there are any urgent notifications or  things to do (my family is in Russia and is 9 hours ahead of me these days). This morning I've had a couple of very nice messages on Instagram regarding the interview I did with Boulder Bits that went live yesterday. So I've decided to write a little blog post about it!

It was a very honest interview. Jake (the host) and I have met up the day before to discuss what topics we should talk about and he set the scene very well: he told me that he wanted it to be as authentic as possible.

Authentic? Honest? Vulnerable? Luckily social media has taught me that it's ok to be that, in fact, some people might enjoy your story/feelings/whatever it is that you are sharing and relate to them. Your story might inspire people and make them feel more confident. And of course, there's such a huge community of lovely and understanding people out there, that you won't feel like you're just sharing - someone will always be there to give you a virtual hug.

So when it came to the day of interview, I was very honest. I talked about the time of my life that is normally hard to talk about, about my insecurities and the imposter syndrome. I also talk about how I started this blog and have found my passion.


Are you ready to watch it now? Here it is!

I hope you've enjoyed that 🙂 Let me know what your thoughts are here in the comments or on my Instagram!

To be honest, being honest was a great relief and also was a fantastic exercise in being more confident - if that makes sense haha! I think I'll start posting much more vulnerable content like this from now on 🙂

<the blonde>


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