February 11: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 45

This week’s celebrations:
– Andrea is celebrating a new position!
– Sarah celebrated 2 years of Science Bae!
– Camille celebrated her birthday!
– Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

February 4: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 44

This week’s celebrations:
– Erin is celebrating the first episode of a new video series she helped work on for NASA which was released!
– Estefannie celebrated her birthday!
– Natalie turned 30 on a busy Sunday!
– Masha turned 29 on Friday!

January 27: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 43

This week’s celebrations:
– Bianca is celebrating her promotion to IT project manager!
– Tierra got a CS Master’s degree @ UPenn!
– Hiba is celebrating an experience to remember!
– Holly got the TechWomen100 award!
– Marie is doing research at Johns Hopkins University!

January 14: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 41

This week’s celebrations:
– Natasha is celebrating her birthday!
– Selen activated her startup Frise Instagram page!
– Anna is starting a new side project!
– Arianne is celebrating the first Monday of working for herself!

January 7: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 40

This week’s celebrations:
– Christina made a career change from Marketing to Development!
– Magda won an Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Foundational course and got selected as one of a few student leaders!
– Anto started making YouTube videos!
– Natasha published her work in Nature journal!
– Jenny registered her company!
– Eden celebrated her 27th birthday!