Selen and Selen in Tech

Selen is a wonderful human and fellow entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to put herself out there! She inspires me with her fearlessness when it comes to different challenges and her passion for problem-solving. Follow her for a regular dose of positive and inspiring content!

Nastia and unicode_unicorn

Nastia is an awesome person and life-long learner who strives constant growth! She is always listening for feedback and for things that will make her better – or that will make her curiosity light up. She loves programming for its ability to solve problems and is always up for a challenge! Make sure you follow Nastia to stay updated on her adventures and for a dose of motivation ✨

Antonella and That Coding Yogi

Antonella is a beautiful human with a wonderful soul. Everything she does is filled with intention, kindness and wonderful energy. I love how she mixes spirituality, meditation, yoga and tech! Make sure you follow this amazing girl to learn how you can bring balance into your life ✨

Alex and The Yogi Coder

Alex’s energy is contagious, this girl is always on the move, picking up new projects, going on adventures and sharing her wisdom. She seems to have worked in so many different environments and companies – from Facebook to startups, to her own consultancy firm! I love learning from Alex and getting motivated from her social media and personal achievements ?

Estefannie and Estefannie Explains It All

Estefannie is a wonderful human and a role model for anybody. She is smart, adventurous, brave, has a great sense of humour and is incredibly creative! If creating things with your hands is your thing, you HAVE to follow this girl for a huge dose of inspiration and a mood boost!

Alison and Sex Tech Space

Alison is a huge inspiration for me! She is incredibly authentic and unapologetically herself, creating her own reality. Her story is awesome, she got into tech in a non-traditional way and has since created the perfect niche for herself. Alison has introduced so many of us to the area of sex tech and is creating a space to discuss important issues that the industry is facing.