November 12: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 32

This week’s celebrations:
– Margarita got a new job!
– Bailey is celebrating a career + life milestone!
– It was Milly’s birthday yesterday!
– Laura spoke on a panel at Glamour Women of the Year event!

Claire and Artificially Intelligent Claire

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Claire in real life and she has so much passion, drive and curiosity! She has had a fascinating path into tech and it’s incredible to follow her progress as she dives deeper into AI and creates educational materials around it. Claire as also such a bright and fun human being, I’m very glad that this community has allowed me to get to know her!

November 5: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 31

This week’s celebrations:
– Melissa just finished the first 3 months of her new job!
– Anna wrote her first tutorial on!
– Marie celebrated her birthday!
– Tara accepted a job offer!

Marielle and Miss Aerospace

When I think of Marielle, I think of bright colours and Nasa 😍Which is such a badass combination! She is an aerospace engineer who adds a tropical spin into everything she touches. And she is the reason why I got excited about space in the first place!

October 29: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 30

This week’s celebrations:
– Milly is celebrating a press article!
– Lori-Lee’s 100% female-founded startup launched their first app last week!
– Ashley started her new job at Twitch!
– Estefannie is launching her podcast!

October 22: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 29

This week’s celebrations:
– Farida launched her own blog!
– Kriti started an Instagram page to inspire more girls to study computer science!
– Ines is making progress towards diversity in tech!

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