January 14: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 41

This week’s celebrations:
– Natasha is celebrating her birthday!
– Selen activated her startup Frise Instagram page!
– Anna is starting a new side project!
– Arianne is celebrating the first Monday of working for herself!

Aqsa Sheikh

Aqsa is a self-taught badass data scientist! If you’re interested in Python or Machine learning, she is your girl – and because she is always striving for more learnings and growth, her latest passion is Language Processing. Aqsa is a role model for me with her determination and hard work, follow her for a regular dose of inspiration!

January 7: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 40

This week’s celebrations:
– Christina made a career change from Marketing to Development!
– Magda won an Intel® Edge AI Scholarship Foundational course and got selected as one of a few student leaders!
– Anto started making YouTube videos!
– Natasha published her work in Nature journal!
– Jenny registered her company!
– Eden celebrated her 27th birthday!

Karina and Nina Talks

Karina is the definition of a badass! By the age of 22, she has already managed to win countless competitions and challenges and created a name for herself in the sphere of UX in Brazil! How was she able to do it all? Because she doesn’t get scared of her ambitious goals and just goes for it. Follow her for a regular dose of inspiration and to learn more about UX and design!

December 31: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 39

This week’s celebrations:
– Sundas started a new job at Google!
– Kim had her first Yalda Night celebration at home with her husband!!
– Archana has created an Instagram account to share her algorithm and data structure knowledge with others!

Emma McKellar

Emma is wonderful and has such a bright personality! We’ve never met in person, but I feel like I know her already. She is incredibly passionate about tech and is currently pursuing a degree in Computing and IT – while working full-time doing digital marketing at the most beautiful bakery. Make sure you follow this girl for a regular dose of positive energy and her awesome Scottish humour!

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