Front End VS. Back End

A lot of people get Front End and Back End development confused and I used to be one of them. That was until I came up with the following visual to explain the difference between them – and yes, I made a video to make it even more visual for you. You’re welcome <3 Front […]

Learn to Code: Find the right coding course for your learning style

Learning to code is intimidating and overwhelming, right? I’m there with you: all the terminology, different languages/systems/frameworks/[insert something scientific-sounding]. And the fact that there are so many resources where you can learn to code DOES NOT HELP! So I’ve decided to break it down for you to make it easier to find the right learning […]

Useful resource: W3Schools

Coding academies and bootcamps are great, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. When you first start the course you feel almost invincible, learning more and more and creating awesome projects under guidance. But unless you’re actually planning a career change, life gets in the way and the novelty wears off. Unfortunately I know it […]

Motivation or the lack of it

I’m pretty sure you’ve felt this before: you were trying to learn a skill, potentially even programming, but for some reason, you made a break and now you simply cannot get back into the habit of doing it regularly again. To be honest, I’m experiencing that feeling right now with learning how to code, I’m […]