CSS – Blonde Dictionary

CSS is a very unique and stylish language. Her full name is Cascading Style Sheets, as she comes from the Style Sheet language family. She is known to be very modern and trendy, but always in a classy way. CSS loves fashion and design. She is an interior designer by profession, but she enjoys all projects that involve […]

HTML – Blonde Dictionary

HTML builder

Meet HTML, the programming language that lays in the heart of every webpage. His full name is HyperText Markup Language, as he comes from the markup language family. HTML is extremely hardworking and dedicated to his job, which is building websites. He possesses a range of skills, from planning out the general layout to building blocks of text […]

Introducing Blonde Dictionary

When learning how to code, you are bombarded by new terminologies and concepts. Since the idea behind Coding Blonde is to share my journey and my experiences, showing that anyone can go through this process, I’ve decided to share my explanations in a new section called Blonde Dictionary. This won’t be your regular dictionary, it […]

Ruby Gem – Blonde Dictionary

As I was progressing through my coding course, I’ve encountered something that will capture any girl’s attention – unknown substances called “gems”. What are those precious little things? The name hypnotized me for a little bit as I started imagining the Ruby on Rails application I was working on as a beautiful necklace and even deciding whether […]

Computer bug: it all started with an actual insect

The first computer bug

The term “computer bug” is very common, but have you thought about the history behind it? As it turns out, there was an actual insect involved! I have mentioned this story briefly in my post about Grace Hopper, an incredible woman who has revolutionised the way we write code, but I wanted to dedicate a separate post to it […]