Cyber Security Explained – Coding Blonde Dictionary

I don’t know about you, but I find the words cyber and security pretty intimidating by themselves and when they’re put together, it’s an intimidating cocktail. Dig into this topic with me so we can understand what cybersecurity means exactly! What is cybersecurity? Think about your living space: what do you have around you: decorations, […]

Front End VS. Back End

A lot of people get Front End and Back End development confused and I used to be one of them. That was until I came up with the following visual to explain the difference between them – and yes, I made a video to make it even more visual for you. You’re welcome <3 Front […]

Boolean – Blonde Dictionary

The first time I heard the word “boolean” I didn’t even know what to associate it with. I guess the only thing that came to my mind was an image of someone shouting “boo” to scare me. But since I was doing a coding bootcamp at the time, I soon learned that they aren’t scary […]

jQuery – Blonde Dictionary

jQuery isn’t technically a language, she is the daughter of JavaScript but she is also half human, making her a library. jQuery is just like her father, fun and outgoing. She loves helping him with his projects and interacts with his friends a lot. HTML and CSS love her and treat her like an equal despite […]

JavaScript – Blonde Dictionary

Every group of friends has a clown. Well out of the languages, JavaScript is the fun one. He can’t sit in one place, he is always on the move – and his friends love him for his dynamic lifestyle because he makes their lives more exciting. JavaScript comes from the family of dynamic languages, meaning […]

DOM – Blonde Dictionary

DOM or Document Object Model is a concept that you will need to understand if you want to use JavaScript to make your website dynamic. The good news is that it’s pretty simple! Mozilla resource for developers defines DOM as a “programming interface for HTML and XML documents. It provides a structured representation of the […]