New Years Resolutions Don't Work, so Here's What You Can Do Instead

New Year is approaching meaning that a lot of us are thinking of resolutions for 2020, or in fact, for the whole decade ahead. I have bad news for you: New Year’s resolutions don’t work! Let me tell you what strategy will work though so that you can start the next decade on a strong […]

Cyber Hygiene – 10 Vital Everyday Cybersecurity Best Practices

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and their execution is becoming more seamless. So since October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let’s talk about what you do to stay safe online and your everyday Cyber Hygiene.

5 Ways Women can support Fellow Female Entrepreneurs

Diversity is vital in any industry, that goes without saying. Ideally, all groups should be equally represented in every aspect of life and business, however, in reality, that’s not always the case. According to a study by Crunchbase, in 2017 only 17% of the startups globally had at least one female founder. This is quite […]