Improve your Leadership Skills using these Simple Tricks

Becoming a better leader is so important nowadays. Leadership skills are essential for anyone working today, regardless of field or position… Why? Because being a leader is so much more than just being in a management position in a big company. It is a way we interact with our surroundings, the way we move through […]

My 5 Favourite Self-help Books

This post contains affiliate links to books I’ve read and would recommend to anyone 🙂 As I’ve already told you on Instagram, I have recently been on a self-help book binge! I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues ranging self-image insecurities to self-worth and they couldn’t have come at a better time in my […]

5 Ways Women can support Fellow Female Entrepreneurs

Diversity is vital in any industry, that goes without saying. Ideally, all groups should be equally represented in every aspect of life and business, however, in reality, that’s not always the case. According to a study by Crunchbase, in 2017 only 17% of the startups globally had at least one female founder. This is quite […]

3 Lessons I’ve learned as a Startup Mentor

Some of you may know that last November I made a huge career shift: I had my last day at Google in London and moved to the US to become the first female Global Entrepreneur in Residence at CU Boulder. I’ve always been passionate about entrepreneurship and have worked at a few startups before, but […]

My Definition of Feminism

Feminism gets a bad reputation. People who don’t quite understand what it is associate feminism with something aggressive and exclusive: women-only and we-hate-men kind of vibes. While it’s really not that. Everybody has a different definition and here’s mine. On Saturday I was folding our laundry while my boyfriend was making the most delicious bolognese […]