Coding Blonde's mission

Coding Blonde's mission is to empower women in the tech industry: by making it more accessible and less intimidating.

Coding Blonde talks about technology as a lifestyle and embraces all of its implications.


The story behind Coding Blonde

It all started in 2015, when Masha was learning how to code. Soon after that she got a job at Google (disclaimer: not a programming job), which has slowed down her learning, but also made her decide to start a YouTube channel (she was working with YouTube creators and wanted to understand them better).

A little by little she started realising that her real passion in life isn't to code professionally, but to empower women in tech. And after a couple of reiterations, this blog has become what it is: talking about different areas of technology, providing resources to learn more about them and discussing career & life matters all under the prism of this wonderful industry.


About Masha

Masha is originally from Russia, but she has worked and studied in 5 countries by now. She loves travelling, discovering new things and meeting new people.

Her background is in Marketing and Market Research and she has worked at a few startups before joining Google, where she worked as part of the YouTube team helping creators with their content and business development strategies.

Right now she works at the University of Colorado Boulder as a Global Entrepreneur in Residence while working on Coding Blonde, which is a multi-platform blog.

Masha’s mission is to introduce women to the different areas and dimensions of tech and help them find the right resources for them to learn more about it and to start their career in the industry.