About me

And my mission!


My name is Masha, I'm blonde and I'm learning how to code. I am originally Russian, but I've lived and studied in 5 different countries: Russia, England, Scotland, Spain and now the United States!

I love traveling, cooking and spending time with my friends and family. My extreme hobbies include snowboarding and scuba diving, and I have huge to-do lists in terms of books to read and skills to learn.

I've always wanted to know more about how everything works and create my own programs. I think that knowing how to code is empowering because it let's you speak the same language as your phone or computer - or at least you can understand the logic behind how they function.

My goal is exactly that: I want to understand the logic of things and with this blog I want to show the world that technology isn't as intimidating and complicated as it seems - and that if you like problem solving, you will actually enjoy it very much!

And my ultimate-ultimate goal is to get more women into tech. It's no news that there is a gender gap in the industry, but not many people know that women were the first programmers and that the stereotypes we have now were artificially created. I want to show that these stereotypes are stupid and that women have a great potential entering this industry. 

Join me on this adventure and lets break stereotypes together!

<the blonde>