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Hi, my name is Masha!

I’m an entrepreneur, content creator, educator, ex-googler, stereotype challenger and a girl with big dreams and ambitions. It’s very nice to e-meet you 🙂

The Story behind Coding Blonde

Back in 2015, I was thinking of ways to get a good job in Europe – that would also sponsor my work visa. With a background in marketing, it was difficult to stand out from other recent graduates, even despite my Master’s degree. So I decided to make myself more employable by adding coding skills to my CV – and I started teaching myself how to code.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve found the experience pretty intimidating, especially since there are so many stereotypes around being a woman in tech. I’ve always been curious about starting a blog and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity as I wanted to document my journey!

Coding Blonde’s mission

Coding Blonde’s mission is to empower women in tech to live their lives on their terms. Here you will find career advice, inspiring stories, posts about personal development, actionable side-hustle tips, life design inspiration and, most importantly, a supportive community of other women who are going through this experience with you at this moment.

Why my blog is called “Coding Blonde”

The name “Coding Blonde” came to me out of nowhere one summer night – and I loved it straight away! Not only it was descriptive of who I was (a blonde girl learning to code), but it was also a play on stereotypes that I despised so much: that women aren’t as good at technology and that blondes are dumb. I remember that night very clearly: I got the idea when laying in bed, trying to fall asleep and suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. I immediately checked if the domain was available and bought it without any hesitation. My blogging career started the next morning.

Two weeks later I got my first interview with the company of my dreams, Google. It was the first in a series of interviews that lead to an awesome position at YouTube in London. The role didn’t involve coding, but I’m sure that my new blog has helped me get hired, as it showed passion and an entrepreneurial mindset.

My job at Google was lots of fun, I got to travel a lot (117 flights during my 2 years at the company), met amazing people, organised events and built communities. It was hard to keep up with my blog, let alone with learning how to code and furthering my technical skills. However, since I was working with YouTube creators, I decided to start a YouTube channel for Coding Blonde – mainly to understand what creators I was working with were experiencing.

Coding Blonde today

At some point, I’ve realised that my goal wasn’t to code professionally anymore. I was creating my own path by combining my two passions: exploring technology and creating content – with a goal of empowering women in tech.

It took a few iterations for this blog to become what it is today. And maybe there’s more to its evolution, but I’m excited to see it all though. Thank you for following my journey, all of your feedback and ideas along the way!

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