December 22, 2020

December 22: Women in Tech Weekly Issue 90

This week’s celebrations:
– Amalia got a new job as the first female engineer at a startup called candidate
– Guzel reached 94 YouTube subscribers and applied to #SheMakes program!
– Chandler got a new job as a Full Stack Software Engineer!
– Laila and @clampagency got featured in Forbes!
– Maya reached her YouTube subscriber growth goal!

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How to Plan for 2021 – Preparing for Uncertainty

2020 has been nuts and if it has taught us anything – it was the need to be able to adapt. So as we’re making plans for 2021, I think it’s important to set flexible goals that will help you do that in case if life takes another twist or turn. Here’s my methodology for how you can plan for 2021 the smart way.

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