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Coding academies and bootcamps are great, but sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. When you first start the course you feel almost invincible, learning more and more and creating awesome projects under guidance. But unless you’re actually planning a career change, life gets in the way and the novelty wears off.

Unfortunately I know it from personal experience: I started a great coding bootcamp during the summer, but then I got distracted by job applications and family projects. So now when going back to that same bootcamp, I know I’ve forgotten a lot of things and so I don’t feel that going forward with the course is as productive as it could be. Meanwhile, my guilt is growing bigger and bigger like a snowball (since it’s already snowing in Moscow, I’m tempted to go outside and film a snowball rolling down to upload a video here. Hello procrastination!).

So I’ve decided to take measures and to refresh all of my skills and knowledge without having to re-do all of the academies and courses – by doing a project that I plan out by myself and only consulting online resources that don’t tell you what to make, but tell you how you can make it. And the perfect resource to fit the description is W3Schools!

W3Schools, the world’s largest web developer site:

I already knew about W3Schools and have even mentioned it here before, but this time I’ve spent a lot of quality time with it. It is an amazing resource for learning and for referencing! Whether you’re learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, PHP or other languages, it is super useful.

W3Schools is the world's biggest web developer site

I’ve actually seen developers reference this website, trying to remember a CSS property or something like that. For example, look at this list of properties or at their awesome colour picker! I’m sure you will discover something new for yourself and will come back for more 😉

If you haven’t used W3Schools yet, I highly recommend it! Not only it takes you step by step through the specifics of different languages, but it also has exercises which you can use to test your understanding of the code. And it also provides you with an option to get a certificate, so if you want be certified by the world’s largest web developer site, you can do so! 😉

I’ve refreshed my HTML and CSS (I’ve actually discovered quite a lot of things that weren’t covered in the bootcamps) and I feel so much better about going back to the bootcamp that I yet need to finish. But first I’ll finish my little project to be completely confident that I can create things on my own without any guidance or examples 🙂

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