Happy 200th Birthday, George Boole!

George Boole, the father of Boolean algebra Source: Wikimedia Commons

George Boole, the father of Boolean algebra Source: Wikimedia Commons

Google doodles are amazing, they let you know about important events and help celebrate great people. Today a doodle told me that it is George Boole’s 200th birthday!

Does his name sound familiar? Well, it’s probably because he started a whole new branch of mathematical logic, called Boolean algebra, where the variables can only take two values: true or false. These values are represented by only two numbers: 1 or 0 – or bits in other words!

Yes, those bits that make up your photos! It just takes A LOT of them. If you want to know how many bits are in your Megabytes, here’s a special calculator!

According to georgeboole.com, Boole thought that a machine could be more efficient at mathematics than a human and was a big fan of Charles Babbage’s work on the Analytical Engine. It’s as if he knew that later on his work will be the basis for the development of digital electronics!

Also, most of the programming languages use this logic to create algorithms, in fact, true or false conditions are called “booleans”! Discovering things like that makes me super happy, it’s as if I’ve found another piece to the huge puzzle that is computer science 🙂

So I wish you a very Happy Birthday, George Boole, without you the world would have been drastically different!

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