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Every group of friends has a clown. Well out of the languages, JavaScript is the fun one. He can’t sit in one place, he is always on the move – and his friends love him for his dynamic lifestyle because he makes their lives more exciting.
JavaScript comes from the family of dynamic languages, meaning that he can manipulate the program on the go by adding new elements and styles or changing existing ones. Together with HTML and CSS, they work on websites, creating beautiful interactive projects. The three are a great team, they know what the others are great at and complement each other’s work.


HTML and JavaScript used to be flatmates so they are super close. They need each other for work and they love spending their free time together as well. Sometimes JavaScript stays over at HTML’s place, however, even when he is not around, he manages to get into HTML’s head.

JavaScript and CSS are great friends too, they treat each other like brother and sister. CSS helps Javascript with design and adds a lot of colour to his projects and adventures.

JavaScript loves movement and change. But all of his moves are carefully calculated, in fact he is quite nerdy. Even before doing anything at an event, most of the time he checks if necessary conditions are satisfied, creating variables and running functions on the go. He has a good memory and is amazing at remembering an impressive array of data. JavaScript enjoys categorising information about objects, because this way he finds it easier to use later on.

Some people call him a little conservative because he is a little pedantic and sometimes takes a long time to explain what he wants to do, why and under what conditions. Luckily, his daughter, jQuery, helps him a lot around the house and with work!

I hope you’ve enjoyed JavaScript’s story 🙂 jQuery is next 😉

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