Introducing Blonde Dictionary

When learning how to code, you are bombarded by new terminologies and concepts. Since the idea behind Coding Blonde is to share my journey and my experiences, showing that anyone can go through this process, I’ve decided to share my explanations in a new section called Blonde Dictionary.

This won’t be your regular dictionary, it will be blonde – using girly examples and language. Every playful explanation will have links to useful sources where you can find further information to deepen your understanding. The first and trial post is already out, it’s about gems in Ruby language, you can check it out here 🙂

I have a tonne of fun ideas, for example, starting from tomorrow, I’m planning to explain programming languages as personalities (I’m so excited about that!).  I would love your input, so if you have any ideas or comments, please send me an email:

The best ideas tend to come to people at random times, often when they aren’t prepared for them at all. This is why I always carry around a notebook so that I can record whatever comes to my mind and then brainstorm it later. This particular idea came to me on a plane not that long ago and I hope I won’t be the only one thinking that it is good!

<the blonde>


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