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Meet HTML, the programming language that lays in the heart of every webpage. His full name is HyperText Markup Language, as he comes from the markup language family.
HTML is extremely hardworking and dedicated to his job, which is building websites. He possesses a range of skills, from planning out the general layout to building blocks of text and other types of content (for example, images and links).

He is very organised as he classifies content using tags and surrounds everything with brackets that look like this: “< >”. Almost every tag has a closing tag ( “</ >”) – except for the few self-closing ones.

HTML is super handy, but he has his limitations. For example, when it comes to design, he is pretty clueless. At times, he tries very hard and even uses tables to create layouts, but in any case, each time he attempts to design websites himself, they look like a bachelor apartment.

HTML is super nice and friendly, but he is also very shy and secretly longs for companionship. Other languages are on good terms with him and he often has them over at his place. His favourite language is CSS, a very classy language who works as an interior designer. HTML often takes her out on dates and generally spends a lot of time with her. There are rumours that the two might be dating, but more about that later 😉

I think that HTML is one of the easiest languages to learn! And it helps you understand tagging and the general structure of code easier. You also need to know at least the basics of it if you want to create beautiful interactive websites with other languages.

There are a lot of very useful resources online where you can learn more about HTML and create your own pages. One of them is Codecademy, I wrote a post about it not that long ago. Other great websites with HTML tutorials include w3schools, Khan Academy, Code School and Shay Howe.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post, a post about CSS is coming soon 😉 Please let me know if you have any comments, I’d love some feedback!

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