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CSS is a very unique and stylish language. Her full name is Cascading Style Sheets, as she comes from the Style Sheet language family. She is known to be very modern and trendy, but always in a classy way.

CSS loves fashion and design. She is an interior designer by profession, but she enjoys all projects that involve creativity and colour. One of her hobbies is finding matching colours, she can spend hours and hours going through the endless options on the palette until she finds the perfect colour.

CSS is extroverted, she can’t live without her friends and she is always there to help them. Her favourite language is HTML, the language that stole her heart. The two spend a lot of time together, HTML invites CSS to his place a lot. However, she prefers to stay independent and still keeps her own separate file.

The two are the perfect couple, as CSS completes HTML and helps him with his work (sometimes without him even noticing). She is very organised and keeps her code clear, using “{ }” brackets to add style to HTML’s tags (when that is not enough, she adds her magic). Whenever people see their joint projects, they respect both of their efforts, noticing how well CSS influences HTML and how much class she adds to the end result.

CSS is a very useful language to learn and it’s not hard at all! In order to master it, you need to understand HTML, learn how to connect them and to know property names and their possible values (which you can also always look up). Some of the most useful online tools where you can learn CSS are: Codecademy, w3schools, Khan Academy and apparently there’s a Lynda course dedicated to CSS, but I haven’t tried it myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blonde story about CSS! JavaScript is next 😉

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