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Useful resources for programmers

As you may know, learning code is rather intimidating. When you can get something right, you feel like a genius, but then if you have a problem (for example, you’ve missed a comma somewhere) and your simple 3 lines of code don’t work – you want to crawl up in a little dark corner and cry.
I have been trying to motivate myself to learn how to code for quite some time now, but whenever I tried to do something outside of the online resources that I was using, I found myself in the dark corner more and more often. I felt bad, but I simply couldn’t commit.

One day I miraculously stumbled upon an article by Business Insider about a wonderful course by Rob Dey that doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience. I didn’t think for a second and enrolled.

The course is called “The Complete Web Developer Bootcamp with Rails” and it is amazing. Rob is a fantastic teacher and I may have fallen in love with his voice.

More about the Web Developer Bootcamp course:


Coding Manual Screenshot
Coding Manual Screenshot

The course takes you through the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails and SQL Databases. You get to do a variety of projects along with Rob: he shows you how to install everything, how to use it and gives you homework.

The course if focused on preparing you to work in the industry: you get hands-down experience, build a portfolio of different websites and are provided with resources where you can find freelance projects to work on!

About Rob Dey:

Rob Dey is a musician (no wonder I love his voice) and a professional front/back-end developer. In the past 7+ years he has founded his own successful startups and worked on web technologies for Coca-Cola, Toyota, Newell Rubbermaid, Edison Nation, First Data, Bennigan’s, and more. He is also an instructor at General Assembly.

However, the part that I find the most motivating is the fact that Rob is self-taught. He knows exactly what it’s like to search for resources, to organise and systematise your knowledge and also probably what it feels like to be crawled up in the dark corner. So this is why he has created this course, to make the process easier for people new to coding.

Rob is great at explaining everything and he makes sure that your learning experience runs as smoothly and as rewarding as possible. I don’t know what I’d do without the course, it inspired me to start this blog and to potentially change the course of my career. And even though I’m only halfway through I already feel much more confident about my skills!

Rob, thank you very much for such a useful and inspiring course 🙂

Check out the course website here, I hope you find it just as useful as I did!

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